A 40 Minutes'length Animation I've Worked on for Two Years during my undergraduate studies. 

This animation is a student's work for practice and it will not be allowed for any commercial use.The music cited in this animation is from many other works. All copyrights go to their respective owners.



It is a story about an ancient Chinese Swordgirl and a modern Chinese hitman.They meet each other though the time-tunnel. They are both ambitious and own the sense of justice.So, they are preparing to use modern technogy and weapons to change the history of China!


Awards / Screenings:


- Bronze Medal of National Colleglate Animation Competition   
- Finalist Award of Aniwow2010!

1.   Finalist Award of Aniwow2010! (2010)

2.   Bronze Medal of National Collegiate Animation Competition (2009)

3.   The 3rd Prize of Provincial University Students Media Design Competition (2009)